The new age of uncertainty

First off I should update that I have not felt this good in the past 5 years.  My joints appear to be in great shape, and I’m playing more concerts than ever.  My Rheumatologist said at my last visit that I am the “poster child” for early and aggressive intervention.

What’s different?  Food!  After going gluten-free a couple years ago, and feeling much better for it, my GP asked me to try going grain-free.    I immediately lost that pesky last 5 pounds that would never leave, my abdomen is no longer swollen, and I’ve reduced my medicine intake yet again.  Read “Grain Brain” by David Perlmutter, get tested for gluten antibodies – it can’t hurt, and it may actually help in many ways.

All that being said, it’s very hard to be upbeat about what is going on in the US these days.  Affordable Health Care on the chopping block, the cost of medicine on the rise, doctors getting locked out of the US (read a fellow RA Blogger’s nightmare scenario here), and anxiety about the economy, and rising aggression against the most vulnerable amongst us.

I fear for the less fortunate in this country, I am afraid that the very people who hoped Trump would lift them up will only get stepped on.  Paying higher taxes, without affordable health care, paying more for food/clothes, and even less employed than they are now.  I sincerely hope that I am wrong.


3 thoughts on “The new age of uncertainty

  1. pollyannapenguin

    So glad to hear you’re doing so well. The whole Trump business is terrifying, I agree. I saw an apropos cartoon on Facebok the other day re the people that voted him in – a lot of demonstrating slugs holding placards and shouting ‘slugs for salt!’ I thought that summed it up rather well… I wish there was something that could be done!

  2. R.A. Cellist Post author

    It’s possible to get things done if people participate. Sadly, an extremely low turnout of only 55% of all eligible voters came out to vote last November (according to CNN), with only a 0.2% difference between the candidates.


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