When Less Is More

As a follow up to my previous post … the Plaquenil did it’s job, testing showed that it has counteracted the “Lupus-like” markers created by the Enbrel.  So get this, now I get to guinea pig a lower dose of the Enbrel.  I’m using it every other week, along with the Plaquenil.

This has been going on for a few weeks.  At first I felt AMAZING!  It was my body saying thank you for taking less medication.  I was so excited about it I thought “I must be cured!”.  LOL, yeah right.  I spoke to my sister, an RN who has struggled with autoimmune issues for decades, and she talked me down from the euphoria reminding me that these medicines are Preventative – keep taking them and you are much less likely to have a major flare.

OK, ok … so I’m not cured, but I am taking less medicine (for now) and feeling pretty good.  Not as euphoric as I was a couple weeks ago, but still good.


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