I’m starting this blog to document my journey from what was “healthy and normal”, to joining a widely varied group of people who suffer from a condition known as Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I am not suffering from it as much as many others, and I try to keep that in mind when I am feeling low.  I am learning every day from those who came before me as I follow in their rusted and achy path through life.  I’m right behind ya!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Andrew

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Sorry about your recent diagnosis of RA. Stay informed, develop a relationship with a good rheumatologist, be your own best advocate, aggressively treat the RA, roll with the changes, and develop perspective. I hope you can play the cello for many years to come!

      1. Philippa Collins

        R A Cellist I am a professional violinist in Sydney, my left hand flared up 3 months ago haven’t been able to play since. Just was wondering if you have been able to get back to playing?

  2. womanofsubstance

    Although I don’t have RA, I was recently diagnosed with another form of autoimmune arthritis. Additionally, I am a professional violist. My Psoriatic Arthritis diagnosis was both a breath of fresh air (because I finally knew what was causing my pain and inflammation) and anxiety-inducing (because I didn’t-and still don’t-know how it will affect my ability to play viola). Your blog resonates deeply with me. I appreciate that you have shared your story! Feel well!

    1. R.A. Cellist Post author

      Viola, eh? Should we trade some jokes? LOL … the violist in my quartet is constantly cranking out the jokes! The most important thing I have learned over the last two years, besides having a great doctor who actually listens, is to pace myself and avoid stress – easier said than done of course. Good luck with everything and feel free to keep in touch!

  3. GH

    Just found your blog today and I’m glad to read about a musician’s experience with RA- I’m a cellist too, and a music therapist and was just recently diagnosed with RA. Thank you for sharing.


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