Change is good … happy 2015!

Ever since my diagnosis in Fall of 2012 I’ve had a litany of suggested “cures” from well meaning friends and family.  Going gluten free has always been one of them.  Until my RA surfaced I was always very healthy and ate a healthy balanced diet high in produce.  Local, organic, home made … seems just about perfect right?

Last Spring I was at my GP office and she suggested I stop eating wheat … really?  Her too?  She asked me to read Wheat Belly, and to stop eating wheat for a month and see what happened.  So, what happened?  Nothing happened … until I was out with a friend and we went out for BBQ.  The next day I couldn’t walk down the stairs.  As it turns out I seem to have mild wheat allergy.  When I do eat wheat these days I can tell the next day – it aggravates my joints, causes digestion problems, and migraines.

These days it’s just Enbrel – I rarely use prednisone, and the migraines are reduced to maybe once or twice a month instead of once or twice a week.  In your own quest for balance and good health don’t be afraid to try new things.  Have a great 2015!



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