Hello Mudda … Hello Fadda …

… Hello Enbrel … My liver had two bad tests in a row and my Rheumy pulled the Methotrexate (MTX).  I had been feeling very run down, and after stopping the MTX I immediately felt awesomely amazing … for about 3 weeks.  When the MTX finally left my system I then realized that the Humira was barely working for half a week, leaving me in a bad way for the remaining 1 1/2 weeks until the next bi-weekly injection.

On to Enbrel, a weekly self-injection, hoping that the “down days” are less.  I managed through the transition with some very low doses of prednisone, I have such a low tolerance for this stuff that 2mgs a day works for me.  The first few weeks seem promising, although there is an almost overwhelming sense of tiredness that has set in.  After reading this post on R.A.Warrior‘s site I realize this may be due to removing MTX from the mix of meds.

Hopefully this all resolves sooner than later and I have the energy to get to the pool, and to enjoy my garden this summer.


2 thoughts on “Hello Mudda … Hello Fadda …

  1. abritabroad

    Hi RA Violinist here!! Just diagnosed 4 weeks ago. On my second 20 course of Pred. Naturally I fell great and am sitting here working on my music…mostly recording and editing. I am terrified of the day, in a week or so when the pred. is gone. Last time my left hand swelled right back up:( I do hope that you are tackling the cello. sometimes I just look at my left hand and say “50 years of training you to do what you are told and now this grrrrr) I have just had my first lab test and all is ok so I will continue with the MTX. Happy gardening to you. No pool for me but I am off to the Hot Tub now before bedtime. Thank you so much for sharing….RA argh dammit !

    1. R.A. Cellist Post author

      Thank you for visiting, and sorry you are joining this club. You are the 2nd violinist to reach out to me, if we can find a violist we’ll start a quartet! I’m still playing several concerts a month – some days are difficult but I’ve learned to “make hay when the sun shines”. Good luck with everything!


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