Two steps forward …

It’s been a long time since the last post … basically I’ve just been really super busy.  I have been keeping up on my reading however, and do enjoy everyone else’s blog updates very much.

I do feel a progression in my symptoms, it is now in my hips.  However I haven’t changed my meds … yet.  I’m wondering if it is time for a change, or if I should hold on to my current routine as long as possible. I hope I am NOT like the frog in the slowly heating pot of water … that doesn’t realize it’s heating to the boiling point until it’s too late.

Although I have a high tolerance for pain, I have a very low tolerance for change.  Even a vacation, or unusually active schedule puts me in a bad way for a week or two.  Eventually I seem to even out, but it’s getting harder and harder to dislodge me from my routine.


4 thoughts on “Two steps forward …

  1. polly

    If you reduced your mtx and now you have new active disease then you really should jump out of that nice, comfy pond and go and see your rheumy I’m afraid! 🙂 Routine is good – helps you pace yourself – but I guess you can take it too far!! Good luck getting it sorted!

  2. Richard Melhuish

    Hi there…..just wanted to wish you the best. I was diagnosed today and I am a violinist. the only symptoms I cared about was my left hand! Anyway, my journey starts….I was 65 years young a week so much 🙂

    1. R.A. Cellist Post author

      Hello R.A. Violinist! I am deeply sorry that I have the honor of welcoming you to this club. Hopefully you have found an excellent Rheumy, and that the meds work for you.

      You might visit the blogs on the right side of the page – especially … which is packed with good science, as well as which may be the most comprehensive as far as overall categories of info. When considering your meds do keep in mind that the majority of people do NOT have a major reaction to a given medicine – I know the warnings are at times terrifying! Most people post when they are having a problem, myself included, so for every person posting there are many thousands who are doing just fine.

      Best of luck with everything and feel free to keep in touch with me and the other bloggers you will find out there. I have learned that this is a very helpful and supportive community.


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