Cue the Pomp and Circumstance!

I have graduated from monthly blood work and appointments with my Rheumatologist, to now one time every 3 months.  This is a nice feeling … cutting the cord just a little bit.

We are also experimenting with reducing the Methotrexate back from 15 mgs weekly, to 10 mgs.   This change does make me a little nervous.  A couple months ago I learned this med is very necessary in keeping my symptoms at bay.  I suppose we can always increase it again.

On the other hand it might be nice to lose some of these little side affect from the Metho.  I have noticed some slight hair thinning (though I’m the only one who does), and my taste buds are definitely off the mark … red wine tastes just awful!

Take good care of yourselves.


2 thoughts on “Graduation!

  1. Lb0313

    Here is hoping the reduction in MTX will work for you. I confess I wept when I had to go back up to 15… I hate that stuff…

    Wishing you well!

  2. pollyannapenguin

    I do hope the reduction, in appointments and MTX, will work out well for you – hurrah for getting back to a more normal life – the fewer doctor/nurse etc. appointments in a month, the happier I am, and I expect you’re same.


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