The flowers that bloom in the spring … tra-la!

It was a hard winter.  In my area people tend to hibernate, which in itself can be depressing and isolating.  Now spring has sprung, and summer is just around the corner.  The flowers are blooming and the birds have returned – including my favorite hummingbirds, and not-so-favorite catbirds.  Hard to be depressed with all that racket!

With my new friends Methotrexate and Humira at my side I am able to get back to gardening and enjoying the great outdoors.  Rather than one mega weeding session every week or two I spend a 1/2 hour every day or two working on small areas.

I was afraid I would have to give up so many things, but I seem to have gotten past that and am feeling very “can do” these days.  I do everything I did before but now in smaller doses, and with a conscious effort to make sure that I am comfortable and not overdoing it.

A couple years ago gardening had become chore-like and there were many times that I resented it.  The realization that this formerly mundane activity could be nearly impossible for me now makes doing it that much sweeter.


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