Have Pen Will Travel

After one month (that’s 2 injections) my initial experience with Humira is positive.  It is weird injecting medicine, and I have to stare at the injection pen for a while before I use it, but once I talk myself into it the injection is very easy.  The first injection started to work within 48 hours and the only side effect seemed to be having trouble sleeping for a day or two.  After 10 days the effect started to wear off and I felt a bit more tired and achy in the morning.

Second injection was a bit easier – I got some advice to inject in a fattier part of my thigh, and to ice the spot first.  The medicine does not sting, but the needle did a bit.  Yeah, I’m a big baby.  The second time around the injection had an even better effect.  So well that my right shoulder has finally stopped aching, and I can finally sleep on my right side – something I haven’t been able to do since September.  I did see the 10 day drop off again with the 2nd injection.

Finally weaned off of that pesky prednisone, and in another month I’m hoping to reduce the Methotrexate from 15 back to 10.  The most annoying thing about the Metho thus far is that everything tastes off to me – luckily I can cook a good number of recipes by route!


6 thoughts on “Have Pen Will Travel

  1. lb0313

    We are indeed appear to be very much on the same RA road – with me just two months ahead of you

    Injection s absolutely a non-event for me (so, as you can surmise – no problem finding the fatty part of MY thighs, sigh.)

    I noticed a huge improvement within hours – I reached for my purse while driving and next thing I knew I had it – without the accompanying “agggh!!”. I did notice that MTX 20 slammed me MUCH harder post pen than before (wiped out for a couple of days) but I see much improvement there after dropping back to 10. I have about 8 hours of fog and nausea – then I surface.

    AND – I feel like “me” again, I’m not so exhausted and foggy – I feel like a slightly diminished me – not someone else who I don’t much like.

    Not all Suzy sunshine here- each week I think it is wearing off a little bit faster. And of course the damage I had pre-pen hasn’t magically evaporated.

    But I will happily take this new baseline ride for as long as it lasts! Here is hoping for a long run for both of us

    Best of luck to you!!!

    1. R.A. Cellist Post author

      Methotrexate is not hardly fogging me out at all any more, maybe because I time it so that I am asleep during the worst of it? Though I still do feel “crispy” in the joints the next day. Also, I am staggering the meds so there is a few days in between the Metho and Humira. I did read on someone’s blog that their Doc agreed to Humira shots every 10 days. May be something to bring up? Ride that wave!

  2. Lb0313

    I too stagger the meds and while my doc would do
    10 day humira, my insurance police will not…

    That said, right now I am in a tub of humira butter. I hope that you are getting the space and health to do your music and live your life!

    I’ll keep yelling over my shoulder.. Hang in there.. And thank you for posting…

  3. anet37

    My Humira did not come back with the same effect after I had to stop for 2 months for a foot operation, so I am taking it every week for a while. But that is opnly because I kept getting it while I was off for the operation. I don’t think my insurance would have paid either.

    The rheumatologist said my body may have created antibodies and more might help.

  4. Linda P.

    You might clarify with the nurses at the Humira site about icing before injecting. They told me that their protocol had changed and that I should neither ice the site nor let the Humira pen come to room temperature, as I had been told to do when I was on Enbrel. I’m glad you’re getting such good results. I am grateful, too.


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