Get me outta the ‘Zone!

Prednisone … how’s your love/hate relationship with this devil of a drug?  Love how it can help relieve symptoms in a day or two?  Love the burst of energy, especially after you may have been in a heavy pain cycle?  On the other hand there is the lack of sleep, short temper, feeding frenzies, weight gain, puffy face … yeah, I’m tired of it.

After a chat with my Rheumy, besides masking RA readings in my blood tests, it turns out that Prednisone also has another possible side effect of making your skin (and “other” tissues) less pliable.  I was wondering why I had problems with my blood tests for the last few months – which never bothered me before and now are very painful.  A new side effect has cropped up down under … hemorrhoids.  Oh, hooray … will the fun never end in the zone?

Reducing the Prednisone from 15, to 12.5, to 10 was pretty easy.  After another couple of weeks fluctuating between 10 and 7.5, I am finally at 7.5 daily.  How low can I go?  Upped the Methotrexate from 10-15 in hopes that this will take over where the Prednisone left off, but after a month of the increased MTX I can’t say I see any further improvement.  Up next … Humira!


6 thoughts on “Get me outta the ‘Zone!

  1. lb0313

    So – I am just a little ahead of you in this “adventure” – and thought I’d yell over my shoulder with my experience in this world.

    I missed the ‘Zone’ fun – was just on MTX – but started the Humira dance last month. Its worked pretty darn well for me (not perfect but I’m way more Mobile). I’m on the 1 injection per 2 weeks – along with 20 mg MTX.

    My 2 cents
    1) The injection didn’t sting for me a bit – all the hype, all the fear – it was a complete non-event. So don’t psyche yourself out – what will happen will happen and everyone is different.
    2) I have had LOTS more “Brain Fog” with the combo however – I’m wiped for 3 days instead of a few hours. Not sure what;s up with that – but it’s my next thing to figure out. (I’m hoping lowering the MTX will help that.

    Hang in there!

  2. R.A. Cellist

    We sure do seem to be on a parallel track. I am less stressed about trying a new med this time around, I think my motivation to stay one step ahead of this annoying “shadow” has trumped the fear of medication. Bring on the Humira!

  3. carlascorner

    Good luck on the Humira. That was the first biologic I was on after Methotrexate. Please keep us posted!

  4. Polly

    I love pred – BUT I’ve only ever had to have it for really short periods in tapers. I think my love relationship would pretty quickly turn to hate if I had to have it at the levels and lengths of time that you have! Here’s hoping Humira is your miracle drug!!


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