On being a “good” patient …

Last month on the RA Warrior blog there was a post about “Taking off the gloves” in which Kelly (the RA Warrior) spoke about poor treatment by doctors, medical personnel, and clinics.  I posted a comment about not putting up with poor or inconsiderate behavior by any medical personnel, or unsanitary conditions in medical settings (i.e. dirty bathroom in a blood lab where she was sent to collect a urine sample – yeah, gross!).

In response to my comment two others responded and spoke about their fears in speaking up too strongly about their condition or complaining about a problem at a medical office.  Both said something about their doctors might threaten to give them drugs for psychological problems if they were not cooperative or appeared to be “overstating” their conditions.  What kind of doctors are these, and how beaten down do you have to be that you feel you must understate your symptoms in order to appease your doctor?

Last week I had my monthly appointment with the Rheumatologist.  I gave him a rundown on my current state and experience with the Methotrexate and Prednisone, then I asked the doctor how my blood work looked since my original tests two months ago.  He said that my original blood indicators were so low for RA that the Prednisone is currently masking those levels now.  Then I asked how did he know that I was doing any better.  His response was “… I go by how you tell me you are feeling.”

It was a very good feeling to hear that kind of response from my doctor and that there was trust in what I have to say, especially after hearing from others on their negative interactions with their own doctors.


2 thoughts on “On being a “good” patient …

  1. pollyannapenguin

    Really glad you’ve got a good rhuemy. My experience has been mixed but generally good from doctors – it’s the nurse practitioners that are … well, let’s just say more variable!


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