Things I have learned …

In the last two months I have learned …

To be “real” in front of my doctors … I no longer say “I am fine and how are you”.  They now are regaled with a long list of questions and documentation of symptoms and reactions to various medications documented by the hour.  It is simple … they are here to help me and are getting a LOT of money from my insurance company.

To pamper myself … I am very fortunate that I have the funds to do this but … for the first time in my life (1) have a cleaning service come every other week, (2) take the dog to a groomer instead of washing her myself, and (3) joined a gym with 2 heated pools and 2 hot whirlpools.  If this helps me feel less stressed out then maybe this will keep the flares at bay, perhaps a good investment? We shall see!

To say no to invitations … my patented reply is now “I would love to come, but I have several appointments that day.  Is it OK if I am running late, or have to cancell at the last minute?”  If they can’t be flexible then I gracefully decline.  No guilt!

To stop telling people that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis … now I tell people who ask that I have an auto-immune disorder.  The name of the disease is just too confusing.  And it’s way too annoying to listen to people go on and on about gluten.  Gluten is not the devil!

To eat well.  Now that I’m a pill popper I have to force myself to have three squares a day.  I’ve also added a multi-vitamin, folic acid, and fish oil to the regimen.  No junk food, no spicy food, maybe 2 drinks a week – and lots of home cooked meals!

To be positive … to remind myself of all the things I CAN do.  This can be a lot easier said than done on some days … though it is easy today when I feel good and have almost no symptoms.


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