Anonymity and Things could always be worse

Being a freelance musician is a bit of a political tightrope … I’m keeping my symptoms from most of my friends and colleagues.  I feel a lot of pressure to get through these concerts next month.  If I back down from them I won’t get called back next time.  Always on the top of the game right?  We’ll see.

So the violinist and organizer for one of the concerts sent me an email and mentioned that she would not be at the show.  When I asked what’s up she explained she had a mini stroke about a month ago, due to a previously undedected hole in her heart, and is hoping to have surgery just after new years.  She suddenly has been unable to play at all … she said it’s like her brain is scrambled, she sees the notes and knows the name of the note, but can’t put her finger in the right place on the violin.

This woman is probably around 40, is an avid runner and athlete, and teaches various aerobic classes on weekends for fun.  Yeah – things could always be worse.


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