Methotrexate – 1st dose

Now I feel so silly – I was scared to start it – I read so much info on the Metho this weekend.  So I finally popped the pills and so far so good 24 hours out.  I did have some pretty crazy night sweats, and I felt unusually groggy in the morning.  But after my usual morning routine of coffee, toast, and 10 mg of Prednizone the steriod rush kicked in and I felt fine.  Yup … I’m just fine … except for the growing number of pill bottles lined up on my kitchen counter, and the realization this may very well be the rest of my life.

I played cello for a few minutes again today.  The 3rd finger on my left hand worked just fine … however the left pinkie and left wrist was now misbehaving as well as the right shoulder.  I may have to ask the doc to increase the Pred by another 5 so I can get through the series of concerts I have lined up in December.


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